Thursday, December 22, 2011

What to do when it's 40 degrees plus in December!

Take advantage of the warm weather- the fish are still around!  This is shaping up to be one of the longest, warmest and best water conditions fall in recent memory.  It's the week before Christmas, and all through the midwest, the rivers are still flowing, and giving up fish!

We have been getting a lot of unusually good reports, especially from the Milwaukee River, the D in Michigan and most of the usual suspects. 
The browns are around in good numbers, and like the kings of this fall, are unusually large. The steelhead, although not as plentiful as the browns, are around and HOT!!!!

Pictured is JD Davis, part time shop rat, part time adventurer,  who got a few on the swing - purple leaches and two handed rods are his magic combination!  Our own Jon played hooky on Monday and got a few browns in a couple of hours time.
For those who are not into the switch/spey thing yet, nymphs have been producing as well- the egg bite still fools a few, but the fish seem to prefer caddis and black stones.  Chuck Atkins shows us what nymphing produce - nice steelhead!  
If curious about switch or two handed rods - we have ramped up our offerings and now carry  Ross Reach Spey/Switch Rods starting at $375, these new rods have been getting a lot of press and developing quite the buzz.  Here at the shop, Will is a huge fan of the value priced Redington CPX Switch and Spey Rods.  These offer a lot of power and a lot of bang for the dollar. As most of us know, some of the finest two handed  rods ever produced are also available at ChiFly - the  Sage Z Axis Switch and Spey Rods .   Ever since their introduction, and especially now when paired up with the user friendly Rio Skagit Flight and brand new Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme Heads  and Skagit Intermediate Extreme Heads  these Z Axis Rods have set the bar.  
The stuff just keeps getting better and all of these advancements are make this type of fishing a whole lot easier and productive.
 This has been the most productive fall in recent years.  Our advice is, escape the holiday stress and wet a line!