Friday, January 27, 2012

A customers Fly Tying Blog worth checking out & some really nice comments about Chi Fly

 The other day we received a nice review from a fly tying client of ours in the form a blog post.  I have copied it below.  I checked out his blog and thought that I would pass along a suggestion for our fly tying customers that might enjoy seeing what Ben is tying.  

Check out Ben's Blog Site : Waiting For A Bite

Our thanks to Ben for the biz and for taking the time to say something nice about us!

Ben's Review of our shop and the guys that make this place special...

"Fly Tying Store Review!!

Haven't posted in a few days since I haven't been tying much! My main ties as of lately were for an upcoming trip to Key West. I shipped all my fishing stuff down there, thus no more tying for the keys.

Let me start off this review by saying this. I have NO ties to this company. I have never even been in their store (not even in the same state as me). I simply stumbled upon their website and found it to be superb to say the least.

The site I wanted to review is Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters. You can find them at

I very rarely get the urge to push a particular company so this is a bit of a rarity for me. I don't even really do it on the 3+ forums I am very active on. Just something I don't do. With this company, I couldn't resist.

Background: My first order was sometime last year. I ordered a bunch of random stuff (per usual). The shipping charge was minimal (this is #1 for me) and the speed I received it was amazing. I received my merchandise in 2 days. Every time I order it is literally packed and shipped within a couple hours. After receiving the package and opening it I realized that they wrote a personalized thank you on the package and included a business card and some stickers, which I now proudly display on my fly boxes.

Quality. Everything I have ordered from them has been quality. Even down to the typically bad strung saddle hackle (which comes straight and clean.)

Customer Service: To say they have the best customer service I have dealt with as of recently would be an understatement. On multiple occasions I have called or emailed ChiFly with questions on how to tie a particular fly or what materials to use. if its on the phone they will take their time to help you and if its through email the response is quick and thorough. On top of all that, they once packed an order for me just by me telling them which fly I wanted to make over the phone.

Merchandise: You name it they have it when it comes to fly tying. Hackle is tough to come by these days due to the ladies fashion craze but they still have a good selection. They also carry fishing clothing, accessories, etc.

My point of this post is plain and simple. If you want to order fly tying stuff from a respectable company with great customer service contact Chicago Fly Fishing outfitters. You will not be disappointed. I have yet to be, that's for sure. Too often companies forget what customer service is and its time I spoke up and acknowledged a company that still understands the mentality of a "home grown" fly shop.

I guess Ill get off my little soapbox for now. Enjoy :-)"