Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hosted Smallmouth Trip on the Menomonee June 2013

Will Winans just returned from our first of two hosted smallmouth tips for 2013--

While the local smallmouth rivers continue to surge from heavy rains, I’m happy to report on yet another memorable Chifly hosted trip with the guys from Tightlines.   When I think of Wisconsin, trout fishing in the Driftless and Steelheading Great Lakes tributaries generally come to mind.   Our annual hosted trip to a certain remote river in northern Wisconsin reminds me of another species of game fish that readily takes large flies and has no problem putting a deep bend in an eight weight rod.  While smallmouth bass are widespread across North America, the fish on the Menomonee are unusually large and powerful.  Smallmouth in the 16 to 19 inch range are par for the course; this year was no exception!  
Heck of a group this year! From left, guides Michael and Tim, Ben, Will, Corey, Ryan, fearless guide Hunter and Skip.

Small mouth rookie, Ryan Mellske becomes an aficionado in 3 days!
Guides don't take the 20" club lightly.  That or they're running out hats free hats.  Nice try Skip! Taped at 19 and 7/8"
Reached for the New Sage Pike/Musky Rod to land this Monster.  Even then, saw plenty of backing!
Well done Skip!
Three days like this make Northern Wisconsin a tough place to leave.  But, we'll be back next year!
Ken Hammer hoists another Beauty!  Check out those Abel Nippers!
Couldn't have done it with out my new Sage One 6 weight!  Well, maybe I could've but it wouldn't have been as much fun and effortless.  Seriously, that rod can cast!
Big Ben aka River King with one of his TWO 20" smallies
Corey Williamson, master of the "do nothing" technique, famously looking the other way to check out a bald eagle and still manages to hook and land countless fish. 

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