Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Fly Tying Materials

As we enter into fall, we start focusing on fly tying and staying in the game of fly fishing.

Every year dozens of new materials come on the market and we incorporate them into our patterns- here we profile a few that are worth checking out - all of which are found in our Fly Tying Selection!

Every streamer pattern needs eyes - and these are pretty handy.  Basically lead eyes with a better paint job that places emphasis on the pupils.  We are big believers that fish like or are very aware of eyes when hunting down their prey.  Double Pupil Lead Eyes

For those of you tying streamers that you don't want to weight down, but are still looking to incorporate very realistic eyes - check out the Fish Skull Mask and add the hyper realistic Fish Skull Living Eyes

The Fish Skull Mask is a clear epoxy head that is very light.  It will not add appreciable sink rate - but will move or push water and give you a place to attach the realistic Living Eyes (a lot easier that creating your own epoxy heads to boot!)  The selection or variety of Fish Skull Living Eyes is pretty awesome

For those of you that like tying intruder style or  spey flies, we have recently started carrying a superior product - OPST Barred Ostrich (aka Signature Intruder Drabs) 
These are hand selected Ostrich Plumes that have stout butts and tapered, fine tips.  Selected for length and features that are applicable to this type of tying, they are dyed and barred to the highest standards.  Great stuff!

We also have added a trailer hook to our selection from the folks at OPST. 
The OPST Swing Hooks are barbless, and have a slightly upturned eye, and are perfect for all patterns that call for a trailer hook.  People swear that these hang on to fish, and due to their shape and bend, tend to hook more in the corner of mouths, similar to circle hooks

New from Greg Senyo this year are a bunch of new colors of his Senyo's Barred Predator Wrap.  This material adds movement and color on spey flies as well as musky streamers and everything in between.  Just a few wraps - and your patterns take on a whole new dimension!

And last but not least - a great new tool that makes handling and attaching beads a whole lot easier!
The Beadmaster Tool works with almost any size bead and helps you place it exactly where you want without pricking your finger, or rolling down the hall

Happy Tying!

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