Monday, March 23, 2020

Important updates concerning Shop Operations in these crazy times 3/17/2020

After sanitizing counters, key pads, door handles, faucets and most every surface at the shop over the last two weeks, having washed our hands and applied enough sanitizer to sterilize an aircraft carrier, our staff appears healthy up to this point.  (Physically healthy, OCD not so much :) 

Social distancing and frequent hand washing has become the mantra nation wide, and we strongly encourage everyone to pay attention. 

For the next week, probably longer, our operations will change, but we will attempt to continue servicing our customer's needs in novel ways.

Our physical retail sales (in-store shopping) will be closed from Tuesday 3/17 through 3/24 (subject to change) to protect our staff and to do our part.  We remain "Open" but done a bit differently for a while:

I and staff will rotate and separate duties / minimize our chance at exposure. 

Three Ways to get your fly fishing supplies fast

Curb Side Pick Up:    Just place an order online and we will bring it out curb side same day or at a time of your choosing.  We are still here and ready to help.

Pick "In Store / Curbside Pick Up " shipping options (no shipping charged) , and make a note in "Comments" section of check out process as to when you would like to pick up your order.   We will call you and confirm arrangements to meet you curbside in front of the shop.  (Please provide a number that you will answer)  If shipping is somehow charged - we will manually refund.  Your order will be prepared in a timely and ultra health conscious manner (Orders picked with gloves, packing  area frequently sanitized, individual products wanded with a UV Anti Virus Wand (had no idea these existed but it is true) etc... - better than the grocery store or Costco you just visited.....)

Start A Curb Side Pick-Up Order

On Line Shopping:  We will process and ship orders in a timely and ultra health conscious manner (Orders picked with gloves, individualized items zapped with sanitizing UV device, shipping area frequently sanitized etc... - better than the grocery store or Costco you just visited.....) 

According to UPS and USPS as of today, there are plans to continue business as usual. 

Place an On Line Order

Phone Orders:  We are still pretty good at doing things the old fashioned way - over the phone.  We will be running minimum staff, so if necessary, leave a message and we'll get back and are happy to take orders over the phone.


This is not an easy decision, one which seemed unimaginable only recently.
Since we have been asked to do our part, it  it appears a necessary one.  The health of our staff, and of our community is our motivation. 

We have been in business for 19 years, and I am confident that we will be or many more.  Lets keep a safe distance from each other and keep washing those hands! 

Consider performing random acts of kindness - think of it a positive challenge as we all need extra kindness now.

We will be fine and there will be normality in the not too distant future. Until we see each other again, our warmest and most positive wishes!


Andy, Jon, Zeph, Bill, Lincoln and Liam

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