Monday, March 23, 2020

Greetings friends of ChiFly!

Greetings friends of ChiFly!
3/23/2020  Week one of the Corona Era - and still standing.

Since we changed temporarily from a shopping destination to a Curbside Pick Up and E-Com Order survival mode last Monday, I just wanted to share some updates with our customers.

First of all -SINCERE THANKS for all of the orders this week - just wanted you know HOW MUCH your biz is appreciated - especially now - and thanks for people who helped us figure out how Curb Side Pick Up can work! 

For the next week and most likely longer - there will be 1 employee here handling all aspects of Super Sanitized Ecom orders and Super Sanitized Curb Side Pick Up Orders.  We are a "non essential" business and have closed retail shopping a week before it became the law - but will remain here to accomplish the above....

We will continue offering curb side pick ups from
10 am to 3pm Tuesday through Sunday unless we learn/hear otherwise. 

E-Com and EBay orders will continue to ship regardless

* We are exercising extreme precautions which exceed any and all CDC / govt guidelines and want you to understand that we doing our utmost to get you what you want in the safest way we can.

Fastest ways to get supplies
On Line Shopping    This appears to be the most pragmatic near term solution.  We will process and ship orders in a timely and ultra health conscious manner (Hands washed and or gloves worn before each order is picked, individualized items zapped with sanitizing UV device, shipping area frequently sanitized etc... - so much better than the grocery store or Costco you just visited.....) 

According to UPS and USPS  both plan to continue business as usual.  We get orders out same day if placed before 1 pm and shipping is fast.

Place an E-Com Order

Curb Side Pick Up
:    Just place an order online (choose curb side pick up option under "Shipping Option") and we will bring it out curb side same day or at a time we agree on over the phone.  One of us is still here each day and ready to help.  This might be an option while you are on your way to get groceries or gas etc.

Your order will be prepared in the same timely and ultra health conscious manner (Orders picked with gloves and or hands washed before every order is picked, packing  area frequently sanitized, individual products wanded with a UV Anti Virus Wand etc.

Important detail:

We will pop your pick up order into your opened trunk - or we will leave the sanitized package just outside our front door when you pull up and you can grab and go.  Kind of like Chipotle and others are doing it.  We are maintaining more distance than suggested - better safe right?

Start A Curb Side Pick-Up Order

Phone Orders:  We will be running minimum staff, so if necessary, leave a message and we'll get back and are happy to take orders over the phone.


Bored and/or need to take your mind off of things?

Fly tying: Get caught up in creativity and start tying flies to repair your worn out boxes.  When the time is right and an opportunity presents itself, you will need those flies on your next outing.  We are shipping supplies, vises, books and instructional DVD's and reordered this morning so more stuff coming from Wapsi and Hareline soon.  YouTube has a million tutorials as well.  

We will be fine and there will be normality in the not too distant future. Just repeat that a few times a day.......
ChiFly's 5 non health related short term goals:

1- Keep servicing clients beyond expectations
2- Stay in biz
3- Keep full time staff engaged / employed and paid
4- Reincorporate part time staff as soon as possible
5- Come out of this as quickly as doable and better than ever as a shop

Two health related goals

1- Avoid getting sick
2- Be no part of the spreading of this thing

To better days ahead - and may we all be here for each other for the duration!

Consider performing random acts of kindness - think of it a positive challenge as we all need extra kindness now.


Andy, Jon, Zeph, Bill, Lincoln and Liam

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